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The BP monitor I ordered from came in the mail 2 days after placing the order.

While the screen surround stated mmHg, the unit was calibrated in the Kpa or Kilo-Pascals scale.  That is a European scale.  In the US, we use the mmHg or millimeters of mercury scale.  They do correlate, but I don't want to make conversions on each reading.  I looked for a way to change the displayed units, but found none.  This usually is just a "settings" choice.  "Settings" only allow adjustments for date and time.

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Click and hold down the SET button until you see the year flashing and then let go.
Press set past the date, past the time, the next is mmHg / kPa setting
If you see a decimal, press the MEM button.
That should toggle it to the mmHg setting without the decimal you are looking for.
Also, mmHg and kPa are displayed in tiny writing under the number.
Press Start/Stop button to finish.

Please contact us if you have any questions or this procedure is not working for you.


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