We are very sorry that the Date and Time button instructions are difficult and are not correct in the manual.

With the unit OFF, please use a Large paperclip, toothpick or tiny screw driver to push into the hole

  on the top of the unit to click for the Date/Time Button. 

Push down firmly. When you can feel and hear the click of the switch, release.

You will see the Year flashing on the screen .

Press the Memory button to advance the Year number. 

(You are only able to advance the numbers forward and have to scroll around if passed)

Press the Power button when arrive at correct Year. Power button moves the settings.

The Month will be flashing in the upper left corner of the display.

Press Memory button to advance the Month number.

Press the Power button when arrive at the correct Month. 

The Day will be flashing,

Please repeat the steps for Day, Hour and Minutes. 

The monitor will reset to OFF after the Minutes are set.

If you missed a setting;

Turn the unit off, and repeat the process above, press the power button to bypass the correct settings.

Please contact us if you have any questions or this procedure is not working for you.

Click on + New in the upper right corner to send us a support ticket email so we can help you out.

For quicker resolution, please let us know the company you bought it from (Amazon, Groupon...) 

the order number, model number and your current address.

Amazon order number can be found by:

- Logging into your Amazon.com account

- Click on Your Account

- Click on Your Orders

- Search for the product and find the corresponding Order Number (eg. 123-1234567-1234567)



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