We are very sorry that you encountered a problem with our product.

If the unit is under 30 days old, Please contact the retailer (Amazon / Groupon / LivingSocial / Others) you purchased from.

If the order is over 30 days old and under our 12 month Warranty period, we will ship a replacement at no charge to you.

Please click on +New Support Ticket (in upper right of screen) and let us know:

a) Order Receipt / Invoice (email or photo)

b) Order Number and Order Date

c) Retailer purchased from  (Amazon / Groupon / LivingSocial / Others)

d) Current Address


Amazon order number can be found by:

- Logging into your Amazon.com account

- Click on Your Account

- Click on Your Orders

- Search for the product and find the corresponding Order Number (eg. 123-1234567-1234567)

We look forward to helping you and making you happy.