Electronic Pulse Massager Operating Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Electronic Pulse Massager or also known as TENS Unit.

We hope you will enjoy the treatments and feel the relief you are seeking.

Please use this massager unit with caution.

Make sure the batteries installed are good.

To Start:

Plug in the electrode lead wires into the electrode pads wires.

Place the pads on both sides of the area(s) to be treated. 

(The electric current travels from one pad to the other crossing through the treatment area)

Plug in the lead wire(s) into the massager unit's Right and or Left channels.

You have the option to use the Right or Left channels or both at the same time.

Depending on which side or both, turn the Power Intensity dial on the side of the unit clockwise to setting 1 and the screen will display P.

You can now press one of the top 5 blue buttons for automatic treatment settings or one of the bottom 3 blue buttons for manual treatment.

Adjust the intensity by turning the dial and viewing the number in the circle. 10 is maximum intensity.

Adjust the speed with the Speed + / - buttons in the middle.

The Repeat button in the middle of the unit is used to hold and repeat a particular pulse during the massage when using one of the Auto Modes.

Press Repeat to turn ON repeating of particular pulse. Press Repeat again to turn OFF and return to the auto-programmed treatment.

You can turn off the treatment at any time by turning the intensity dial(s) to OFF. Then turn ON the unit again if needed.

Here is a video that does a good job of explaining TENS unit pads placement.

(Note: Gurin Products and SantaMedical did not provide any production or promotion of this video)


Please contact us if you have any questions or this procedure is not working for you.

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