Please check the placement of the batteries in the battery compartment.

Even though the springs are on one side, the batteries must be facing the proper direction.

Please use the picture of the battery placement inside the battery compartment.


ERROR 3 and ERROR 7 are low power codes = change the battery.  Contact us if changing batteries did not remove error code. 

All other error codes are sensor problem codes. Contact us.

UC 375

This is not an error code

It is the software version that sometime shows up on the display at start up.

Please contact us if you have any questions or these procedures are not working for you.

Click on + New in the upper right corner to send us a support ticket email so we can help you out.

For quicker resolution, please let us know the company you bought it from (Amazon, Groupon...) 

the order number, model number and your current address. 



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